Wedding Dances

If you dream of performing a beautiful opening dance at your wedding, it is possible, and this is the place for you! Young or mature, first marriage or next time around, couples regularly come to us to enroll in either regular classes or private lessons specifically for their weddings. You can even involve your whole wedding party. Imagine how amazed all your guests would be to see your entire entourage dancing in perfect unison!

Choose your favourite song and let us choreograph the perfect dance for you and then teach you how to perform it. If you wish, you’ll even have the chance to work through those nervous jitters before your big day by performing your dance for our students at one of our dances. Today wedding dances range from the well-known traditional waltz to the avant-garde. To demonstrate, here are videos of four of our happy couples dancing, for the first time, in front of our student body.

A young couple chooses to dance the traditional Waltz.

The Waltz is a popular choice among our mature couples.

Other couples can choose something more contemporary.

And some couples choose something very different!

Sometimes, there is a Father and daughter dance followed by the newlyweds.