The Benefits of Ballroom Dance

You may think you’re just having fun when you’re dancing, but you may be surprised to find out how much good you’re doing for yourself.

The most obvious benefit comes from the physical exercise, and you can take it to any level you choose. Without realizing that you’ve put in any effort, you’ll find that you’re getting a cardiovascular workout. Allowing your body to move in new ways improves muscle tone and balance. Stepping, turning, spinning, rising and falling…all of these motions work muscles you may not even realize you have.

Dancing is also good for your mind. It improves focus and attention span and most recently, it was discovered to help prevent age-related memory loss. This is due to the unique coupling of the physical exercise with the mental effort required to remember steps. It’s an excellent stimulus to keep the mind sharp.

You’ll also find that you’ve made new friends, sometimes for life. If you’re single, you may meet someone, and couples may find dancing can rekindle the romance in your relationship.

And maybe the most important benefit of all, you’ll relieve stress, leaving behind the tensions of life for an hour every week as the music takes you away.

Good friends, good fun, good health… Dancing is so much more than simply moving to music.