Dear Ken,

Thank you for all of your dedication to the art of dance.

Donna Gowland

Dear Ken,

Warm thanks as ever for your expertise, your humour, and your inspiration. Love ya!  

Dr. Tony Reid & Dr. Nancy Harris


It’s been a trip to the moon on Gossamer Wings. Thank you for adding grace and beauty to our lives.  

Vonne Brister & Carl Phillips


You are always so pleasant. Thanks for your support and continuing patience.

Doug & Ruth Grant

Hi Ken,

Thank you for inspiring all of your students by showing us not only your talent as a ballroom dancer but your talent in teaching your techniques so that you bring out the best in all of us. And always with patience, professionalism and humour. After 40 years of ballroom dancing being part of my life, I feel extremely privileged to have had you as my teacher for the last 10 years.

Barb Wright

Dear Elaine,

Thanks for all of the explanations and for all of your help with our wedding dance.

Melanie & David Diekmann

Dear Lois,

Your presence in class is so kind and supportive. It truly makes a difference. Thank you.  

Donna Gowland


Your dedication and sense of humour are wonderful, plus you’re an excellent teacher!

Kim & Linda Emmerson

Dear Lois,

Thank you for being such a great partner (to both of us).

Randy & Heidi Hoover

When I first set foot on the dance floor in Ken’s school several years ago, I practically had to be dragged. I was so sure I was going to make a fool of myself. But I quickly realized I was in good company, and now I’m hooked forever! I’ve learned that half the fun of dancing is laughing at our mistakes, sometimes until we have tears in our eyes. And Ken has such an incredible way of teaching — he somehow manages to get you to learn all the little important details but always does it in a way that’s encouraging and inspiring. Mostly, Ken shows us dance steps at the level we’re learning, but every so often, especially at the party dances, he lets loose and we get a chance to see how incredibly he really dances – it blows me away! He’s a rare combination of someone who is both incredible at what he does and also at teaching it. Often, before I come to class, I’m tired and dragging my feet after a long and stressful day, but I never fail to leave smiling and feeling refreshed. I’ve made incredible new friends and become closer to old ones, and I’d recommed Ken’s dance classes to anyone!

Anna E