Student Party Dances

Our monthly dances are an opportunity for students to practise what they’ve learned each week in their classes.

At the end of each ten-week session, we celebrate with one of our major dinner-dance parties. The evening begins with a full three-course dinner, and students get a chance to mingle.

After dinner the dance begins! Our students engage themselves in the true joy of dancing, putting into practise all the skills they have learned in class. As a fun bonus, Ken always livens things up with an impromptu dance.

Here are a few examples:

First up, from the biggest dance craze of all time, and perhaps the most fun dance ever, Disco!

Take a look at what we did to a traditional Scottish Folk dance, the ‘Gay Gordon’. You’ll see this centuries old dance updated with music from the 20th century.

And in a video from our most recent Christmas party, Ken created a couples line-dance to a familiar Christmas song. Remember, students learn this on the spot!