Student Formation Exhibitions

One of our students, Bill Hobman, is a singer/songwriter. He wrote a song titled “Waltz With You” that was produced and recorded in Nashville. Bill used actual dance terminology as part of the lyrics, and he thought it would be a great idea to ask Ken to choreograph a dance number to his song. Ken picked four of our strongest dance couples and directed the video, which was shot on location in a barn.

Ken decided it was time for our advanced class to perform! The style of this presentation is called a ‘formation dance’. The couples are dancing in unison to a choreographed routine. In this one dance, Ken included five different dance rhythms: Fox Trot, Swing/Jive, Rumba, Cha Cha and Waltz.

This Rumba choreography pushed the students to perform at exhibition level. Latin Cuban motion, arm styling, and rhythm all come into play. A new and exciting experience for those that have never performed in front of an audience before.

As if performing weren’t challenge enough, the advanced ballroom students also wanted to learn Viennese Waltz. It is not a dance that is part of the school syllabus. The varied coloured skirts enhanced the beautiful performance.

Dirty Dancing comes alive! “Johnny’s Mambo” – danced in this exhibition as a salsa – involves a number of intricate combinations making it as challenging as other professional performances to the same song.

The song is, for us, appropriately titled “Dancing” and in this quasi disco style tune the verses have a feel of Rumba and the choruses can be interpreted with Samba.