Get What You Pay For

When you’re considering where to take dance lessons, as with anything, always make sure you understand what is being offered. You may find people who want to sell you dance lessons after themselves taking relatively few lessons from a professional. These lessons are often (though not always) low­-budget, but you get what you pay for. An inexperienced teacher may leave you frustrated, uncertain, and unable to progress. You may have even tried learning to dance before, and left thinking that you “just can’t dance”. So don’t be afraid to ask about the credentials and experience of the instructors. A true dance professional knows incredible dance technique, and even more importantly, how to teach it to you.

Fee Structure: Group lessons

Group lessons provide a fun atmosphere for learning and meeting new people, and they offer you the most dancing for your money! You’ll receive a one-hour lesson each week for ten weeks, offered in any of three sessions throughout the year (Fall, Winter and Spring sessions). Both couples and singles are welcome to sign up. (If you have prior dance experience, contact Ken for help choosing the right class for you.)

You’ll begin learning Fox Trot, Waltz, Swing/Jive and Cha Cha in your very first class! As you progress through the beginner level to the advanced levels, you’ll add Rumba, Tango and Samba to your dance repertoire. You may also choose to sign up for Salsa as a separate group lesson.

In addition to regular classes, our school hosts monthly practice dances and three dinner-dance parties every year for you to enjoy!

You may choose to book your session in either the Orillia
or Lindsay location. Both offer a free introductory beginner lesson.

Orillia Location

For information about the Orillia courses, times and fees, click on this link to the Orillia Parks and Recreation website:

Classes are held at the Rotary Place Complex, Orillia Room. For directions to and information about the facility, click on this link:

Lindsay Location

Classes are held at the Spectrum Centre for Creative Fitness, which is located at 38 Cambridge St. North (at the corner of Wellington St.) Fees are $150 per student or $300 per couple for a 10 week session. (HST incl.)

All fees are payable in advance.